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We are a UK based specialist supplier of high quality electronic cigarettes, eliquid and accessories. We are proud to stock and sell a wide range of products from some of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality vaping products. Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasing popular throughout the world and especially in the UK as a viable alternative to traditional tobacco related products. The fantastic products within our site have been selected due to their quality and ability to consistently product vapour containing nicotine, which you can inhale in the same way as you would tobacco smoke. Due to the fact that the vapour contains nicotine it will satisfy the nicotine craving of smokers, but the vapour is far healthier than the smoke of a regular cigarette because it does not contain the same harmful chemicals associated with traditional tobacco based products.

Vaping is a healthier alternative of managing your cravings than smoking traditional cigs and in many cases electronic cigarette are legal to smoke indoors. There has been a significant increase in the popularity of smokeless cigs as a result of the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces that was brought into force in the UK on the 1st July 2007. The ban on smoking indoors is due to health concerns surrounding the chemicals in traditional smoke and the risks associated with passive smoking. None of these concerns apply to vaping, and neither do they produce the same strong smell which non-smokers find unpleasant. As such, the laws against smoking indoors do not apply to them, and neither do most non-smokers object to e-cigarettes being used in their presence. These products are a fantastic way to ensure that as a smoker you do not become a social outcast by having to leave your company stand outside in all-weather to suppress your nicotine cravings.

Another major benefit of switching to is the money that can be saved using these products instead of traditional tobacco based products. In 2012 – 13 the UK government raised £12.3 billion in revenue from the taxation on tobacco based products. The percentage of tax that a smoker can pay on a box of 20 cigarettes is between 77% - 88% depending upon the price and brand that they smoke. Switching is also a financially viable solution that will save you money as a;; of our products are both affordable and long-lasting, with a single e-cig giving the same amount of smoking time as multiple regular cigarettes. As such, using these fantastic products works out much more affordable over time.

We also provide a range of affordable accessories. These include replacement e-liquid capsules. These capsules contain the liquid which is atomised to produce the vapour, allowing your e-cigarette to be used like a traditional cigarette and satisfy your nicotine craving, while also giving your throat the same "hit" you would expect from tobacco smoke.